Avoid a Lengthy Probate Process

Avoid a Lengthy Probate Process

Probate attorney in Brookfield, Wisconsin

Probate law covers the legal process that occurs upon someone's passing. It involves providing paperwork to prove the person's death, identifying their property and distributing the assets in accordance with the will.

There are taxes involved in the process, along with the resolution of outstanding debts. Once the process is completed, everything is settled and the family of the deceased can move on.

Unfortunately, the probate process can take a long time - especially if the deceased had numerous debts and assets. Also, if the will is contested and you don't have a lawyer, the probate process can last for months or even years.

The Steven E. Osgood Law Office is well-versed in probate law in Brookfield, WI. The probate process can be lengthy, but with the right probate lawyer by your side it will go smoother and in all likelihood more quickly. Our lawyer will put his 30+ years of experience to work for you to get everything settled.

Steven. E. Osgood can also provide you with:

  • Affordable services, to combat the costs of probate
  • Assistance if the will is contested for any reason
  • Appearances in court, if needed

If you have been named the executor of a will, don't try to navigate probate alone. Call our experienced probate attorney in Brookfield, WI today at (262) 782-3252 to discuss your current situation.