Attorney Osgood Understands that Accidents Happen

Attorney Osgood Understands that Accidents Happen

Hire a traffic ticket defense attorney in Brookfield, WI

It’s difficult to keep a perfect driving record, but even a small offense can have a big effect on your insurance and wallet. Steven E. Osgood Law Office will work hard to fight your traffic ticket so it shows up as a less-serious offense or gets taken off your driving record indefinitely. In many cases, the expense of your insurance would surpass the cost of an experienced traffic ticket attorney. Discuss your situation with attorney Osgood today.

Attorney Osgood is experienced with defending all types of traffic tickets

A traffic ticket could lead to the loss of your license and affect your job. Attorney Osgood has experience in matters involving:
  • Running red lights
  • Speeding
  • Hit-and-run accidents
  • Wrecks
  • Car lights out

Attorney Osgood will give you personalized attention and quality representation. You’ll also discover affordable rates at Steven E. Osgood Law Office. Call 262-782-3252 today for a free initial consultation in the Brookfield, WI area.